Communications and coaching for organisations and teams

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Keeping teams engaged and motivated is the key driver of productivity, good results and effective change.

I specialise in Communications and find it particularly rewarding to work with those ‘squeezed’ by change – especially those in middle management who often want to find their own voice at the same time as needing to tell an organisation’s ‘change story’ to their teams. I build Communications strategies to help companies tell their change story and I coach Managers to explain the change in their own words.

Who it’s for

Organisations going through a period of change – whether it be transforming a company through a merger or an acquisition, introducing new ways of working, re-structuring or re-organisation – all changes need to be shared and clearly communicated. This is for those organisations that want engaged, productive employees who understand and buy into the change that their company is going through.

What to expect

1. Change Communications strategy

Typically, I will provide a deliverable covering the following aspects:

Recap of your business objectives – what’s changing and desired outcomes

Challenges and opportunities for communication

Audience analysis with expected behaviours and engagement

Communications strategy, tactics and channel recommendations

Key messages

Activity plan and timeline

This process generally starts with interviews of the leadership team and key stakeholders to understand the main drivers for change, identify key opportunities, potential obstacles, understand the ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM) of your employees and where you are at in the change process. I create a recommendation including a communications strategy with timeline and action plan and suggested messaging for your different levels of stakeholders. 

2. Content creation and delivery

In addition to the basic messaging document I can support with the creation and delivery of visual and editorial content and materials. This will vary depending on the strategy and tactics that we decide on and the channels that you already have in place within your organisation.

3. Additional coaching to support managers in explaining change

For those organisations wanting to support individuals, I offer one-to-one sessions to help managers prepare the change story in their own words and in a way that will resonate with their teams. These sessions use coaching techniques and role play to get managers comfortable with asking thoughtful, powerful questions of their teams, delivering a clear message and managing situations where they may be faced with difficult questions or resistance. 

‘Messages matter. Repetition matters. Clarity matters’