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Creating awareness and ownership of personal behaviours and how they impact others, building strong relationships to develop motivated managers, and understanding how to inspire and engage broader teams are all vital leadership skills.

Our leadership offering includes one-to-one coaching programmes and bespoke training & workshops.


Typical areas for coaching:

  • Strengthening self-leadership skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence and emotional intelligence

  • Building strong professional relationships that drive team engagement and performance

  • Exploring and fine-tuning different leadership styles for greater impact

  • Improving strategic-thinking and decision-making

Leadership coaching provides a reflective space outside the high-pressure and fast paced e

Coaching Packages

Leadership coaching requires consideration of three fundamental perspectives – self, others and the organisational context. In being deliberate about integrating these, leaders become more confident in who they are, impacting stakeholders around them more effectively, and building the performance and resilience of the organisation.


In our initial discussion, we’ll talk through your objectives, priorities, organisational context and desired outcomes. A coaching package will be personalised to fit your needs. Coaching packages* for leaders tend to be 6-12 months in duration.

*All corporate coaching packages include 3-way opening & closing meetings; foundational sessions and evaluation tools to measure progress.

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Training & Development Workshops

Leadership development is a powerful way to drive employee performance, motivation and engagement, and in turn build a strong and positive culture.

Bespoke workshops include areas such as inclusive leadership, mentoring & coaching skills, engaging teams and communicating effectively.

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