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One-on-One Coaching

Design it yourself (DIY) tailored coaching packages

6-session coaching plans are available to support individuals in working through specific challenges or working towards professional goals and aspirations.


Typical areas for coaching include managing a new team, including former peers, managing up, influencing challenging stakeholders, developing communications skills to build better relationships and making change happen.

All agreements include 3-way alignment meetings and review meetings between manager and coachee.

EmbraceMyFuture Individual coaching programme

Focussing on developing potential and transferable skills, EmbraceMyFuture is a 6-part structured 1-on-1 coaching and practical skills training programme to support career-minded women in actively managing their careers.

Built around four key enablers– self-awareness, self-confidence, communication and resilience – it’s ideal for women:

  • wanting to build a career with purpose

  • transitioning to a new role or career

  • seeking promotion into management or leadership roles

  • returning to work after maternity or a career break

And it’s ideal for organisations seeking to support the career acceleration, retention and promotion of individual female talent.

What your candidates will walk away with:

Greater clarity on what they want and how to achieve it

Increased self-confidence by using goal setting and achievements to turn thoughts into actions

Fundamental communication skills to develop strong working relationships, and manage tough workplace interactions

Increased effectiveness through an understanding of how to influence others and work towards common goals

Techniques to identify negative behaviours that impact performance, and how to build levels of resilience in stressful situations

Tools to review and manage stakeholder networks, and a plan to engage and build visibility

A plan to integrate sustainable habits to manage career milestones and build skills

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