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I’m Natasha. I’m a Coach & Communications Specialist.

I support women in taking charge of their professional lives and I help organisations impact gender inequality at leadership level.

My career has seen me work for 20 years as a Brit within French organisations, a woman within predominantly male industries and an advocate for emotional intelligence within the workplace.

Experience from the ‘inside’ of long term transformation programmes means I understand what makes cultural and behavioural change happen within organisations.

I’ve become highly aware of how to use the power of communications to re-shape expectations, influence often sceptical audiences, take people on a journey and ultimately to be heard.

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As a manager of young women, I mentored and coached individuals within the organisations I worked for. Today, I coach individuals, particularly early- to mid-career women, wanting to make change in their professional lives.


Having observed first-hand typical patterns and common blockers to success, I have designed my coaching programmes around four key enablers – self-awareness, self-confidence, communication and resilience.


My approach focuses on strengthening core soft skills and integrating practical, useable strategies that support my clients in achieving their goals and in building sustainable habits.

We'll work together to:

  • Better know your ambitions, strengths and preferences

  • Strengthen core skills

  • Build a game plan

  • Reach your goals

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