Helping women embrace their ambitions and design their futures.

It’s good for them – and the places they work.

At the beginning of their careers, most men make some sort of career plan, most women don’t.

Most women are not proactively looking for information or people that might be useful for their futures, nor are they positioning themselves for their next moves.

It holds them back - even when their organisation may be doing a lot to support them. 

Embrace My Future

A coaching and practical skills training programme to help women:

  • know their own strengths and preferences better

  • take self-confidence, self-awareness and communication skills seriously

  • make a plan for the future

Shifting mental barriers and mindset from  I’m not ready  to one of  ’moving forward with intention’

Supporting women where it’s most effective.

The natural result of under-confidence is inaction. When women don’t act, when we hesitate because we aren’t sure, we hold ourselves back. 
It matters.

It’s good for women. It’s good for organisations.

My focus is on young women because that’s where we need to make the biggest difference.

The biggest stumbling block for women is the first step up to manager. For every 100 men that get promoted to manager, there are only 85 women – and that gap widens significantly for Latina (71) and Black (58) women.* 

This setback in the early stages of their careers has a massive and long-term impact on the female talent pipeline.

Since women are significantly outnumbered at manager level, there are far fewer women to hire or promote to senior managers… and at every leadership level thereafter the number of women decreases.

The way to change this is to start at the first step.

* McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2020 report

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. 

About me

About Natash Harvey

I’m Natasha. I’m a Communications Specialist and Coach. I support young women in taking charge of their professional lives and I help organisations impact gender inequality at leadership level.

My career has seen me work for 20 years as a Brit within French organisations, a woman within predominantly male industries and an advocate for emotional intelligence within the workplace.

Experience from the ‘inside’ of long term transformation programmes means I understand what makes cultural and behavioural change happen within organisations.

I’ve become highly aware of how to use the power of communications to re-shape expectations, influence often sceptical audiences, take people on a journey and ultimately to be heard.

I learned to always take on things I’d never done before.
Growth and comfort do not coexist.

What we can do together

EmbraceMyFuture is a 1-on-1 coaching and practical skills training programme. Focussing on developing potential and transferable skills, it supports women in actively managing their careers and thriving in what they choose to do.

It’s ideal for women  

  • facing workplace challenges

  • wanting to build a career with purpose

  • transitioning to a new role or career

  • seeking promotion into management or leadership roles

  • returning to work after maternity or a career break

And it’s ideal for organisations seeking to support the career acceleration, retention and promotion of female talent.  

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There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.

My guiding principles

1. Individual beats group

Every individual is unique and the way they experience professional situations is also specific to them. 1-to-1 coaching allows us to work through challenging situations, unpick emotions to understand what’s making it difficult and build a different way forwards.

2. Sharing weaknesses and fears is tough 

Whether your organisation’s mentorship scheme matches mentees with mentors inside or outside of their own Function, sharing your vulnerabilities and blockers to success is often tough to do with an insider. 

3. Learning is good, testing out new learning is even better

Learning strategies and techniques to overcome workplace challenges is important, but testing them out in real life situations is critical! Through goal setting and accountability in between sessions we start to build confidence in trying out new ways of working as well as embedding new habits for the long term.