Helping you manage, embrace and communicate change.

We all face change – whether at work or in our personal lives, individually or as part of or an organisation, desired or imposed.

Better understanding where we’re headed and why, and owning our own “change story” helps us to get comfortable with the ongoing process of change, rather than seeing it as something to be endured.   

I am a certified transformational coach and communications specialist. I help companies to communicate change within their organisations and individuals to manage change in their professional lives.

Do you want to make changes in your current role or plan a new step in your career, but don't know where to start?

Are you faced with challenges, conflict or change in your professional environment?

Or are you an organisation that’s having difficulty telling its “Change story”?

Whether it’s an opportunity that you want to work towards, or a problem that you want to work through, I can help you to get a clear understanding of what is challenging you and support you in reaching your goals.

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

About me

About Natash Harvey

I’m Natasha and I’m a communications specialist and coach. I help people manage, embrace and communicate change.

I’m a British-French citizen and have been living in the UK since 2018 after spending 20 years living in France and working in multi-national and multi-cultural environments. I’m passionate about supporting people in reaching their goals and believe in the power of coaching and mentoring to give people space to reflect, see new perspectives, clarify priorities and move forward to make positive change in their lives.

My career has seen me work as a Brit within a French organisation, a woman within a very male industry and an advocate for emotional intelligence within the workplace. It’s meant I’ve become highly aware of how to use the power of communications to re-shape expectations, influence often sceptical audiences, take people on a journey and ultimately to be heard.

As an active executive committee member I gained a deep understanding of successful strategic and operational decision making and key insights into how other business leaders operate; and having worked in Corporate Communications for international organisations across several countries and cultures, I built and led large teams at a senior level."

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role over the last few years has been coaching and mentoring people as they take the next step in their careers, face new challenges, or take a step into the unknown. I decided to bring these skills together and take a formal qualification in Transformational Coaching with the Animas Centre for Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I now work with organisations and individuals helping them to manage and communicate change. 

How I got here

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My guiding principles

Every project and every individual is different. These key principles guide me in all my work:

Everyone has a change story to tell. And owning your own ‘change story’ is empowering for both individuals and organisations.

Embracing change, identifying the positives and shifting the focus from fear to new goals helps us become more resourceful and create opportunities.

Having a clear understanding of where we’re headed and why – as an individual or as a team within an organisation – is key to resolving issues, performing well, being the best we can be.