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Celebrating Inspirational Women : Zoe Holland

International Women’s Day is for EVERY woman!

Throughout my life, both personally and professionally, I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with some outstanding women. This International Women’s Day, I’ve chosen to celebrate 3 of the women that have inspired me and share their stories, which I hope will inspire others.

Fast Facts

  • Zoe has lived and worked in Israel, France, New Zealand.

  • She’s a teacher for children with autism

  • Has built her own travel blogging business

  • And co-authored a recent book about glamping

Three things that characterise Zoe

  1. She challenges traditional paths and loves an adventure Passionate about travel and adventure, Zoe has lived and worked in Egypt, Israel, France and New Zealand. She describes her first roles abroad as eye-opening. With each new experience came the growing awareness that the milestones in life that she’d always believed to be a prerequisite to success – academic qualifications and a corporate career – were not the only paths to achievement, personal success and happiness. One of her guiding principles is to challenge what you’re told and choose to explore the path that feels right for you.

  2. She has a strong sense of purpose in her work Zoe specialises in teaching and supporting children with autism. She loves the fact that her teaching is focussed on helping children with learning life skills, social interaction and physical wellbeing; and describes seeing the accomplishments they make as an important and rewarding part of her work.

  3. She has made decisive choices to live the life she wants Alongside her teaching career, Zoe has built her own travel blogging business - JugglingOnRollerSkates. After just a few years, it has grown to the point where she’s developed a strong following and a niche in family-friendly glamping. She makes a point of working with small independent companies like her own that support the local community. P.s If you’re looking for family friendly glamping tips and recommendations, check out Our Favourite Glamping Sites UK 2021, the book she recently co-authored!

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