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Celebrating Inspirational Women: Mina Billing

International Women’s Day is for EVERY woman!

Throughout my life, both personally and professionally, I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with some outstanding women. This International Women’s Day, I’d like to celebrate 3 of the women that have inspired me and share their stories, which I hope will inspire others.

Fast Facts

  • Mina is Swedish

  • She left Teheran, Iran as a refugee in 1989

  • She’s a marketing specialist, human rights campaigner and member of the Board of UN Women Sweden

  • Her son is 5 and she is due to give birth to her second son on International Women’s Day 2021!

Three things that characterise Mina

  1. One of her unwritten rules is “speak up sooner!” Mina believes that if you want to be part of changing something and making it better, then you must be vocal about it. She says if you get the opportunity to speak up, go for it – “you don’t have to have the whole strategy planned out, even if it’s just a conversation starter, speak up. Don’t wait, the opportunity may not come around again!”

  2. She believes in using her voice to make positive change on behalf of others She’s spent 27 years campaigning for human rights and is passionate about supporting the empowerment of minority groups. In her current role she promotes a company-wide project on Diversity and Inclusion, supporting the organisation in building a culture that empowers all employees not just majority groups. She uses her position on the Board of the Union and on the Board of Electrolux to ensure everyone’s voice is represented and heard.

  3. She’s not afraid to push the boundaries and think big Seeing a problem and thinking outside the box to solve it has helped Mina to shape the types of roles she wants and to really live her values and beliefs professionally. On more than one occasion in her career, Mina has seen opportunities to make change and improve areas that were outside of her immediate scope. Putting forward her ideas has led to promotion and roles with greater responsibilities. Her takeaway from this, and one that has served her well since then is, “don’t be afraid to take up space that’s not necessarily designated for you at the beginning!”


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