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  • Natasha Harvey

Are you happy at work?

I’m sure you wouldn’t be hugely surprised to learn that the average person will spend a third of their life at work… so, enjoying what we do and being happy at work is pretty important!

Here’s six things to consider if you want to increase your sense of happiness at work:

  • Take charge of your professional development by making a plan for your career goals. Seize opportunities and build connections that are valuable. When you feel in control of your career and the direction it’s taking, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled.

  • Proactively build and maintain positive relationships. Listening to understand other people’s perspectives and making the assumption that another person’s behaviours are coming from a place of positive intention, will help you do that.

  • Use feedback as an opportunity to keep learning and growing. Asking for feedback can help you to understand and bridge any skills gaps or provide positive reinforcement to help build confidence and job satisfaction. Keep your questions specific for useful feedback and turn learnings into goals you can use to improve your career.

  • Manage stress levels by making commitments that you can keep and learning to saying ‘no’ to what you can’t deliver on.

  • Recognise the positives in whatever you’re doing. Thinking positively has an impact on your emotions and behaviour and in turn, on everyone around you. You can choose to be positive!

  • Remember the value you bring. Take time to reflect on achievements, projects you’re proud of or challenges you’ve overcome, to help boost self-esteem and satisfaction.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as one of my besties said recently, “be true to yourself and do what you love.” While no one is happy every single day at work, it’s really important to do something you enjoy or that you find personally fulfilling.

If you’re interested in exploring your Career Values – what’s really important to you in your career – and how they align with your current or future role, or if you just want to talk through how you might find greater fulfilment at work, please get in touch!


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