If you always do, what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

What my clients say

I can tell you what I’ve done and what I do, but you need to hear from the people I’ve worked with. You’ll want to know what I’m like as a coach, how well I understand your needs and whether I deliver value. Here’s what they say.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Natasha. I started working with her during a time of organisational change which also impacted my engagement in my role and I was looking for guidance and techniques to manage the situation.

Working with a set range of topics at every session has given me the opportunity to find areas of strengths and development that I wasn’t aware of before. With this guidance we touched upon a much broader spectrum of areas. It's helped me in defining the elements that are important for my future career path and to start applying techniques that give me confidence to take next steps.

Natasha is able to create an atmosphere of trust and was totally committed to supporting me in approaching the challenges I faced, emphasising the human aspect and what it means to embrace change.

I highly recommend Natasha and the EmbraceMyFuture programme. I began the course feeling like I had little sense of direction or focus, as though I was drifting through life. Working with Natasha has made me realise that I can take control of my career, and she has given me tangible and practical methods to achieve this which are tailored to my personality and the sector that I work in.

All of our sessions were virtual and Natasha put me completely at ease; she is a gifted listener and able to ask challenging questions which encouraged me to really analyse myself and consider what I want from my career and what steps I could take to make this happen.

Valued advice was given with the lightest touch, and more often than not I found that I had the solutions to achieving my goals within me and Natasha’s focused but gentle questions and keen observations drew these out. I finished each session feeling proud of my progress and excited to put the things we had discussed into action.

I found the structure of the course very beneficial; the fortnightly check-ins gave me accountability (which I personally find helps me stay on track) and the modules allowed me to progressively work through key areas; all the while I felt I had full control of the content and was able to focus in on the areas which I found most useful to me. Natasha is positive, inspirational and extremely good at what she does; thanks to her skill as a coach, I now feel a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities and able to manage my career in a way that works for me.

When I first started the programme, my biggest challenge was a lack of motivation and no clear understanding of what my next professional steps would be or indeed how to develop myself further.

I’ve learnt how to better organise priorities and look below the surface when searching for that next step; that I need to trust myself more, but also to push myself by using the tools and techniques Natasha has taught me. If I want to develop an idea or look to what that next step will be, I know I need to plan it out and set time aside for myself to explore it further. I am now taking action for what I want rather than spending time talking about it!

I have turned things around to the point that our new Group Chief Commercial Officer has agreed to be my mentor and I have set up meetings with him every 3 weeks! I have also gained motivation back for what that next step looks like for me, while continuing to develop the current role I am doing.

There is purpose to my career again, whereas before in this bleak current climate I was simply working to keep hold of my job - just being happy I was employed.
I've got my go-getter attitude back! 

I had never done any coaching before I worked with Natasha and I was worried about what it would entail. A huge challenge for me initially was whether I would have the ability to talk openly and honestly to someone who was a stranger at the time. As with many people, my work has many different dynamics and various relationships but Natasha was able to quickly get a good picture and it felt like she had worked with me for years. She gave me the confidence to be able to speak up and not be worried about expressing views and opinions about things that were important to me. I have learnt lots from my coaching sessions including how to be myself at work whilst maintaining a professional persona. We really worked on how to build relationships in the work place with my managers as well as those that I manage which has been invaluable with Natasha giving great hints, tips and tools to use in particular situations. Coaching has made me realise how important it is to gain perspective and not get too wrapped up in the every day "nitty gritty", to see the bigger picture and always work towards a goal.

When I started working with Natasha, my biggest challenges were lack of self-confidence and self-belief. I felt that being young, inexperienced and a woman was a problem and even sometimes a hindrance to my career.

Over the course of the programme, I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a specialist, a colleague and a person. I know now that I do have self-belief, I am very capable of succeeding in my projects – age, gender and ambition are not an issue! I have learnt techniques to better manage my career and strategies to work through the tricky situations I usually face in my work place.

The “challenges” we set at the end of each session helped me to put into practice the different tools we discussed, and I have seen good results when giving feedback to colleagues and dealing with complex discussions and projects. Recently, I was asked to take on a new professional opportunity – rather than feeling overwhelmed by fear and anxiety like I usually do when faced with a new experience, I felt valued, calm and excited by the prospect of a new challenge.

Thank you for helping me to get to know myself better, for helping me find my confidence and for being such a supportive coach and woman. I feel much more positive about my future and the kind of professional I am and want to be.

I started working with Natasha during a period where I was anticipating and working towards a new challenge and direction in my career. Working with Natasha has made a significant difference in my ability to manage, leverage and launch myself into this new step. Our sessions have been invaluable on a communication and stakeholder relationship level as well as practical problem solving and short to mid-term goal building.

Within a short timeframe I was able to see a difference in my tackling of some specific challenges. The sessions brought fresh ideas alongside helping me to reframe and shift my perspective.

Natasha’s approach creates an environment where you can challenge your current practices/thinking in a positive environment and explore new ways of thinking and working. I was able to share openly, in full trust, and this combined with Natasha’s experience have made this a thoroughly productive and enjoyable experience. 

I had the chance to have Natasha as my coach to better “embrace my future”!
The different sessions helped me to articulate my ambitions, to define clearly what I want from my career and how to achieve it. Sometimes, you know what to do but it is more complicated to find a way to do it.

I learnt that even as a junior, younger member of the team I can feel confident of my value and my relationship with senior management. Using techniques that help me to work through my shyness combined with tips on how I present myself and explain what I do, I am now taking the opportunity to share my opinions and contribute to different meetings.

The best result I gained during the programme is definitely taking the step to go outside my comfort zone and dare to try new things.

Most importantly, it has helped me to remember that I am valuable and that my opinion is worth sharing.

After losing my job due to coronavirus and being unemployed for 3 months, I lost confidence in my skills and was worried about starting my new job. Natasha helped me to identify my objectives for professional development and work through the challenges to reach them.

We explored different situations I was experiencing at work and set specific and realistic goals and actions after each session. Natasha also shares useful worksheets and reading, which has helped me better understand some of the theory behind strategies to use in the workplace.

I now feel more confident and if in doubt, I have materials to refer to to help me think through a problem or a difficult situation.

I was demoralized after a series of difficult situations in several of my previous jobs. I dealt with conflict in my last role, and I was upset that I couldn’t protect myself adequately. I felt incompetent and vulnerable. I quit my job without finding a new one and I was very scared that I would fall into depression.

I didn’t have the moral and physical strength to even open my computer and start looking for work. Even the thought of searching for a job terrified and discouraged me.

I understood that I needed a specialist who could explore and analyse my situations with me and work through them so that I could be more effective.

I started looking for coaches and I liked Natasha’s profile - she had written that she understood how difficult it is to be a woman in a technical environment and that was also my experience. Already at the first chemistry session, I realized that I was not mistaken in my choice, because sometimes we all need someone strong, kind and understanding to give a hand and a shoulder. Natasha turned out to be just such a specialist for me.

It was very comfortable working with her. We did not avoid difficult topics, but on the contrary, plunged into them and explored. Between sessions, Natasha sent additional materials for study and introspection, which were always very useful.

After the first two sessions where we looked at my conflict avoidance strategies and alternative behaviors to try out in such situations, I was able to start working on a resume and apply for jobs. Soon after, I was invited to 3 interviews to test out these new behavior patterns and the company offered me a job!

I was not satisfied with the salary, so Natasha and I discussed options for salary negotiation.

The difference in salary was significant, so I believed the opportunity to get the salary I wanted was relatively small. However, by doing everything that we discussed with Natasha, I succeeded.

Natasha, I am very grateful to you for your attention, professionalism and the support that you have been giving me during our coaching sessions.

I find the sessions well-structured and thought-provoking. The sessions are all tailored to what I want to get out of them. I had been feeling a bit stuck in a rut and I now have a number of strategies to support me in building my confidence and am setting goals and thinking about how I measure my progress against these. Natasha is supportive, positive and provides feedback and questions / challenges my views / opinions in order to help me think about how I can deal with or perceive situations differently. It has helped to give me a bit more focus and to think about my values and strengths and how I can utilise these.

Natasha created a safe thinking space from the start of our coaching sessions. Partnering with her allowed me to learn more about myself and think of various alternatives when faced with certain situations. As a coach, she had a calm, friendly presence and was able to put aside any judgement. She was reliable and willing to go the extra mile to assist me to reach my goals. I am very grateful to her and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is looking to tap deeper into their potential.

I really enjoyed this experience, in particular your ability to listen carefully, to reformulate and summarise my issues, and your tangible suggestions to help me better apprehend situations in which I was struggling. You gave me the confidence to delegate more to my team and better manage pressure from the top.

My sessions with Natasha were productive and enjoyable and have quickly helped me accelerate my progress toward achieving a number of goals.

Natasha started with an overview of my whole environment to help me create perspective and prioritise the importance of what I wanted to achieve within the context of other important areas of my life. This approach enabled me to maintain a healthy balance whilst freeing up time through a focused approach of achieving my goals. Natasha encouraged me to break my big ambition down into realisable chunks that gave me a sense of progress and fulfilment and made the overall goals more easily achievable.

Specifically, she has helped me refine an internal coaching program for use in my management role and helped me reach a point where I am launching my own Business Coaching Company. I am grateful for her guidance and support and happy to provide feedback to any potential client or contractor.

I initially contacted Natasha as I was experiencing difficulties in my relationships with people at work and personally. Working with Natasha has been great. She’s been able to hold space for me to process my thoughts around this very difficult topic and point out interesting avenues and inconsistencies in my thought process. What I gained from working with her is confidence and support in dealing with a challenging issue. This lead me to fully committing to improving in this area and eventually coming out with a great result. I’m in a much better place with my relationships now and much happier because of it. Thank you!

I went to coaching with Natasha to work through some issues around work-life balance that I’ve been thinking about for a while and wanted to change but didn’t know where to start. Natasha gave me the space and thought processes to explore how I’ve been feeling and supported me in reflecting on the different options I have to move forward. I now feel confident and I am seeing the changes we discussed, they are already making a huge impact on my life. Thank you Natasha!

Natasha’s focus was very much on the development of her team within the transformation process – helping them set high goals for themselves, giving them the space to try out new things and providing the right environment to achieve what they set out to do.

Natasha is someone who asks the difficult and uncomfortable questions that move things forward. As a peer on the same management team, she helped us to not make mistakes, see round corners and shine a light on blind spots. She’s also a huge amount of fun, incredibly reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Natasha was inspiring as a team leader and was always attentive to develop our skills. Thanks to her advice and daily support, I had the opportunity to learn a lot and to quickly improve my skills. She also managed in a way that created cohesion and an open atmosphere between the different members of the team bringing a high level of motivation and a high level of results.